Property Review Committee (PRC)

All campus buildings, structures, and lands are "Lands of the State" and thus subject to over twenty-five (25) General Statutes, regulations, and policies specific to real estate within the university system. By statute and resultant governing policies and procedures, state agencies, campuses, etc., the Chancellor has limited authority "to act" in real estate transactions.

The role of the Property Review Committee (PRC) and the property office is:

  1. ​​to ensure compliance with the governing legislation, regulations, and policies;
  2. to provide transaction oversight; and
  3. to act as the initial transaction-approval body for all real estate transactions, which may include but is not limited to:
    • ​​Easements
    • Leases
    • Licenses
    • Acquisitions
    • Dispositions
    • Demolitions

​​The Property Review Committee (PRC)'s acquisition principles are to support the University's mission to: meet space needs, provide student amenity, initiate investments, economic development, adjacent to Core Campus, future expansion, and to foster/deter development. The group was designated in 2011 and is in process of obtaining Delegated Authority from the State.


Real Estate Manager - Richard LaLiberté, Property Officer, Co Chair
Director of Treasury Services - Greg Verret, Co Chair
Associate Vice Chancellor for Facilities Management - Rich Steele 
Associate Vice Chancellor for Finance - Anne Brown
Director of Facilities Planning, Design, and Construction - Kathryn Horne
Director of Research Partnerships, Charlotte Research Institute - Vacant
Director of Space Management - Cheryl Walker
Senior Associate General Counsel - Andre Lindsay
Senior Associate Provost - Dr. Lee Gray