Space Management

Reporting to the Associate Vice Chancellor for Facilities Management and the Senior Associate Provost, the Office of Space Management assesses space needs, provides evaluations, and recommends allocation of all University space to meet the immediate and long term needs of the University. The Director of Space Management heads this office and manages the University’s space management processes, as detailed in University Policy 601.4 Integrated Space Management and the Supplemental Procedures to University Policy 601.4 Integrated Space Management
The Office of Space Management oversees:

  • Preliminary project planning
  • Space needs assessment
  • Space evaluation
  • Space inventory
  • Space audits/surveys
  • Space use assessment
  • Space assignment and allocation
  • Space guidelines

Coordinating space needs and requirements with Facilities Planning, Capital Projects, Design Services, and Real Estate Services, the Office of Space Management periodically provides needs assessments of existing space usage that translate academic or departmental initiatives into potential space or facility needs. Assessment includes evaluating the quantity, quality, suitability for use, and location of space. Evaluation in conjunction with the Space Guidelines / Campus Space Standard Chart , recommended best practices, and generally accepted metrics are used to assess the effective use of space to support institutional goals. The Office of Space Management is responsible for reviewing and updating these policies and guidelines to ensure they are current and accurate.

Please complete a Space Request Form if:

1. Your department or unit needs additional space for new programs or new hires.
2. Your department plans to change the use of an existing space.  ​(​ie. converting a conference room to an office)
3. Your department plans to renovate or alter existing space. 
All requests for space are reviewed and evaluated by:
  • The Office of Space Management 
  • The Space Planning Advisory Committee (SPACe)
  • The Space Steering Committee (SSC)
  • The Chancellor

Recommendations for requests for space are forwarded from the office of space management, the SPACe, and the SSC to the Chancellor. Ultimately, the Chancellor decides how spaces will be used.

Process for Requesting Space

Report a Space Discrepancy if:

  1. ​​ARCHIBUS records are inconsistent with actual data
  2. Floor plans need updating
  3. ​Room numbers and/or occupant names have changed, or
  4. The function of the room has changed