Services and Shops

Services and shops are listed in alphabetical order below.         

Adverse Weather

Adverse weather includes snow, ice, flooding, thunderstorms/lightning, tornadoes or hurricanes. In the event of adverse weather, FM is responsible for removing debris and repairing any damage to campus buildings and grounds. In the event of snow and/or ice, along with vendors and campus partners, FM is responsible for maintaining all campus roads, walkways and building entrances.


UNC Charlotte elevators are maintained by licensed elevator maintenance contracting companies. To report any problems with elevators during normal business hours, call 704‑687‑1311. During non-business hours or if an emergency, call Campus Police at 704‑687‑2200.

Additionally, all elevators are equipped with phones that connect directly to Campus Police.

Fire Alarm/Sprinklers

Maintenance is provided for all fire-related and life safety equipment. Should there be a problem, please contact your Building Liaison or the fire alarm shop at 704‑687‑0575.

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General Trades Shop 

This shop's work includes renovations, alterations, and/or improvements for facilities. This may include painting or decorating beyond the level provided under basic maintenance budgets.

To request alterations or improvements, please contact your Building Liaison or call 704‑687‑0583.

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HVAC (Heating, Ventilation, Air Conditioning)

Maintenance Operations Zones maintain heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) to optimize indoor air quality, energy efficiency and occupant thermal comfort. Additionally, the department ensures proper functioning of certain refrigerated foodservice equipment, critical scientific refrigeration and specialized laboratory environmental controls.

To request preventive and corrective maintenance, technical service and installations/upgrades, please contact your Building Liaison or the Zone Supervisor.

Keys, Locks, Card Access, Video Systems

This area creates and maintains the University's lock and key system, including building keying schematics, codes, key cutting, card access and video administration. Please report lost, stolen or damaged key/access/video devices immediately through your Building Liaison or visit the Shops website.

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Interior building lights are maintained by the Maintenance Operations Zone Maintenance staff. This includes exterior lights attached to the building. If there is damage or repair needed, please contact your Building Liaison and/or Zone Supervisor during normal working hours.

Moving Services

On-campus moving services are available. These include office relocations (up to 20 boxes), room evacuations and items bound for the landfill or surplus. Note: they are unable to move technology equipment such as computers, printers, copiers and other specialty equipment if needed.

To make a move request, please contact your Building Liaison to submit a request in ARCHIBUS. Once submitted and received, you will be contacted by the moving crew to schedule a date/time for the move. Note: this doesn't include furniture disassembly. If you require this service, please submit the request in ARCHIBUS separately.

Outside Repairs

Outside maintenance and repairs for sidewalks, storm drains, streets, concrete, pavers, etc. are completed on an "as needed" basis by Grounds crews.

Please report serious damage or overflows immediately by calling Maintenance Operations at 704‑687‑0562 or 704‑687‑0564.

Pest Control

Grounds services provide routine grounds maintenance, which includes pest control. To request additional or interior pest control, please contact your Building Liaison or call 704‑687‑0595.

Repairs and Building Maintenance

Certain repair, testing, and maintenance functions are completed in the buildings using a pre-coordinated schedule. Sometimes special requests are needed outside of this schedule, the requests include; exterior painting, interior painting, mechanical equipment maintenance, electrical systems maintenance and the repair of water, air, gas, steam and sewer systems. Repairs utilize the services of many trade professionals including roofers, mason, carpenters, painters and electricians.

For maintenance or repairs outside of the pre-coordinated schedule, please contact your Building Liaison or Maintenance Operations Zone Supervisor.

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Temperature/Humidity Monitoring

The following temperature ranges have been established for heating and cooling comfort, while observing energy efficiency, in Facilities Management Department Policy Statement #2 - Temperature Policy;

"Occupied hours" (Monday - Friday, 7:00 AM - 7:00 PM)

"Unoccupied hours: (Friday 7:00 PM - Monday 7:00 AM)

These temperatures do not apply to areas requiring special conditions such as server rooms, computer labs, sensitive research labs or special collections. Temperatures for these areas will be set by the Zone Supervisor in consultation with the department responsible for the space.

Building Liaisons should submit work requests via ARCHIBUS when work areas are outside the "Occupied" temperature range (70 Deg. F - 76 Deg. F).

Utilities and Utility Outages (Gas, Power, Water, Sewer)

Alterations or connections to University utilities must be coordinated through Facilities Management (FM). For your safety and to ensure the integrity of all utility systems, only FM employees or approved contractors are authorized to complete utility work. (Telephone and communications services are managed by University OneIT).

Power outages may be the result of larger issues related to electrical wiring, plug load or energy distribution. For isolated power outages (not the whole building), please contact your Building Liaison or Zone Maintenance Supervisor. For widespread power outages (building-wide or campus-wide), contact your Maintenance Operations Zone Supervisor or the Zone Maintenance Manager.

Call the FM 311 customer service team at 704-687-1311 for standard inquiries from 7:30 AM to 5:30 PM Monday through Friday.

IF THE OUTAGE POSES ANY DANGER, or it is after normal business hours, please contact Campus Police at 704‑687‑2200.

Parking is managed by Parking and Transportation Services (PaTS) they can be reached at 704‑687‑0161 or PaTS website.

Events, facilities and equipment rental is managed by Conference, Reservations and Events Services (CRES). They can be reached at 704‑687‑0715 or by visiting the CRES website.