How Do I Create a Work or Service Request in ARCHIBUS?

What is a Work Request?

Work Requests are basic maintenance or repairs to keep the facility operational and safe. Examples include lights burned out, heating temperature settings, housekeeping, etc.
Work requests can also include additional service requests that are outside normal day-to-day maintenance. Examples include additional carpet cleanings or housekeeping requests, shelving construction, hanging whiteboards, file drawer construction, etc.

Creating a Work Request

1.  To Create a Work Request, log in to ARCHIBUS using your NinerNET user name and password.
2.  Click on the Building Operations Management activity; select the Customer role from the slide-out menu;
3. Next, select Work Request Console and then the Request Work action button located in the upper right corner.
4. The form will load for your data input.
5.  Once you have completed the fields and provided as much information as possible concerning your work request, select the Request button.
6.  Your work request will be routed to the FM 311 team for review and routing to the designated shop according to the provided information.

For additional, detailed step-by-step instructions, please select the following link: Creating a Work Request or access the online training for ARCHIBUS Work Request Customer located at

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