Universal Waste

The Universal Waste Facility is open Monday - Friday from 7:00 am - 11:00 am, and from noon - 1:30 pm. 

To ensure that staff is available for dropoffs, please fill out the Universal Waste Dropoff Form before bringing any materials. 
Universal Waste and Packaging Requirements
Fluorescent Lamps Lamps should be packaged in boxes to protect from breaking. Please keep same sized lamps together and do not tape lamps together. 
Lead Acid Batteries Please cover or tape the terminals to prevent arcing.
Latex Paint Container must not be leaking. Dried latex paint can be thrown in the dumpster. 
Alkyd or Other Paint Types Container must not be leaking. Even if dried, non-latex paint should come to the Universal Waste Facility.
Spray Paint Container must not be leaking.