Other Waste

Sometimes, there are things that cannot be thrown into the trash can or dumpster when at the end of their useful life. There are a few categories that these items might fall into and places they should go.  These include: 


1. Universal Waste 

Universal waste includes items such as fluorescent bulbs, lead acid batteries, latex paint, and pressurized tanks (punctured).  Batteries are collected on campus at our Weird Recycling centers or in small containers next to recycling stations. These items can be brought to the Universal Waste shed, but by appointment only.  Click here for more information and to request an appointment. 

2. Hazardous Waste 

Unknown liquids, chemicals, oil-based paints, and anything toxic or flammable is considered hazardous waste.  Please do not drop any of this off at the recycling warehouse/universal waste shed. Anyone needing to dispose of hazardous waste should contact Environmental Health and Safety (EHS)

3. Surplus Items 

unwanted furniture and electronics should be taken to Surplus.  Contact and other information can be found here

4. Construction & Demolition Waste 

Click here for more information on our C&D recycling program. 

5. Other Items 

There are many places on and off campus that will accept gently used items, from furniture, to clothes, to school supplies.  For a list of resources, click here