Zero Waste

Zero Waste is based on diverting as much waste as possible from going to the landfill. It promotes source reduction, reuse, recycling and compost as alternatives to landfilling waste.  UNC Charlotte's first zero waste goal was set at the Jerry Richardson football stadium when it opened its doors in 2013. The Student Government Association passed a resolution to make the stadium zero waste, and it has been operated that way since the first game. Since opening, only two games have been under 50% diversion rate, and more than half of our games have diverted 70% or more of the waste. 

At these games, cups, tubs, and bottles and cans are collected for recycling, while all food waste and paper packaging goes to a compost facility. This involves volunteers and paid staff working together to sort all the materials and make sure that they go to the correct end location. If you are interested in helping with a sorting day for one of the games, please contact the Sustainability Office at

Check out this article to learn more about the 2023 season! 

Zero Waste 2023 Stats

vs. S.C. State (September 2, 2023) 85% Diversion
vs. Georgia State (September 16, 2023) 83% Diversion
vs. Navy (October 14, 2023) 79% Diversion
vs. Florida Atlantic University (October 27, 2023) 75% Diversion
vs. Memphis (November 11, 2023) 86% Diversion
vs. Rice (November 18, 2023) 88% Diversion



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