Motor Fleet

Motor Fleet Vehicles

The N.C. Motor Fleet Management Division provides passenger vehicles to state agencies for employees in the performance of their duties. Fleet Services serves as the University liaison with Motor Fleet Management and provides administrative support for vehicles assigned to the University and its staff.

Facilities Management maintains a small fleet of vehicles for official business transportation needs of the campus community.

IMPORTANT: All drivers must have a valid U.S. driver’s license on file with the Motor Fleet Representative. Van drivers must have a Van Certification which can be obtained through the Risk Management Office. Also, be sure to cancel your reservation at least 24 hours prior to your scheduled pick-up time to avoid a one-day minimum charge.

To make a vehicle reservation:

Go to FM 311
Make sure you are logged in using your NinerNET account (the same login as your email)
Select "Vehicle Request" complete and submit a motor fleet reservation request form.

The Pre-authorization checklist, accident procedures, and current rates are available within the list of tasks.
Vehicle Requests are sent to the Financial Account Manager in your department. They will receive an email asking them to put in the accounting information and approve the request.
The request then comes to the Motor Fleet desk.

You will receive an email when the request has been approved or denied.

Motor Fleet Representatives:

Christopher Lewis
Phone: 704 687-0596

Marc Casanova 
Phone: 704 687-8903

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Rate Model

The Motor Fleet Management rate model allows for vehicle expenses to be accurately captured and for savings to be passed on to state agencies:

  • Motor Fleet Management charges a fixed monthly lease fee based on vehicle class that includes a monthly usage of 1,050 miles.
  • The monthly lease fee includes vehicle replacement costs, insurance, and operating expenses with the exception of fuel.
  • Vehicles are charged a per-mile rate for mileage exceeding the 1,050-mile base allowance.
  • Total monthly fuel purchases made using the WEX Fuel Card or at the UNC Service Station are billed as a separate line item.

Click here to see the current vehicle rates

Preventative Maintenance Schedule

All vehicles utilize the same preventive maintenance schedule, with maintenance every 7.500 miles, with the exception of Law Enforcement vehicles, which receive maintenance every 5,000 miles.

PM Schedule: Every 7.5K Miles

This schedule applies to all vehicles except Law Enforcement & Nissan Pathfinders.

PM Schedule: Every 5K Miles

This schedule applies only to Law Enforcement & Nissan Pathfinder vehicles.