Waste Reduction

Reducing your waste is just as important as recycling! Below is a list of ways to reduce the amount of items you throw away here at UNC Charlotte! If you have more ideas, please let us know so we can continually update this list. 

In the office

  • Become a certified Green Office through Campus Sustainability. 
  • Make sure your computer is defaulted to double sided printing. 
  • When you're done with an office supply (binder, clipboard, etc.), try swapping with another office. 
  • Check UNC Charlotte surplus before buying brand new furniture for the office. 
  • Send out inner-office information electronically. 
  • Store files online whenever possible.
  • Use a water bottle fill station and reusable water bottles instead of one-time use plastic bottles.
  • Reuse file folders by flipping them inside out. 
  • Make your own notepad by recycling old paper. 
  • Review draft documents online instead of printing. 
  • Buy in bulk when possible. 
  • Bring your reusable silverware, plates, cups and mugs to work. 
  • Fight back against junk mail! 
  • If you have to buy one-time use products, make sure they are recyclable. See what we accept HERE

In the residence halls

  • Reuse school supplies instead of buying new. 
  • Get refillable ink cartridges for your printer. 
  • Take notes electronically if possible.
  • Opt out of junk mail.  
  • Use a water filter pitcher instead of buying individual bottled waters. 
  • Purchase items that have recyclable packaging. 
  • Take your own to-go container when eating out or on campus. 
  • Use reusable dishes, bowls and silverware instead of one-time use options. 
  • Take your reusable bags when you go shopping. 
  • Shop second hand and thrift stores for used items. 
  • Participate in UNC Charlotte's Niner Move Out program in April and May if you live in the dorms.
  • Visit the UNC Charlotte's Earth Day Celebration every year and get school supplies from our 'Take it or Leave it' Program.  

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