ARCHIBUS Space Management Resources

Each month a series of buildings are taken from the building list and spot surveyed. Renovations, building footprint, department tracking, etc. are checked to ensure that the campus CAFM archive drawings are as accurate as possible. Each building is surveyed by our Survey Technicians and student workers.

If you have questions about building surveying, you may email our team at


At times, changes may occur to the space of which we are unaware. For example: room numbers being changed. To report discrepancies, submit a Space Discrepancy from within ARCHIBUS Space Management on ARCHIBUS. The Space Discrepancy form is located within the Space Management Review Space Data role.

Please help us by reporting any space discrepancies that you find using this form. The form information will be logged into the system for our tracking, and an email notification will be sent to everyone on our Facilities Information Systems team.

If you have any questions or need assistance, please feel free to contact us at or call 687-0552.