Process Improvement


In 2016, Facilities Management embarked on its first lean six sigma event, 5S.  In the spring of 2020, Facilities Management launched the creation of a Process Improvement team to assist with organizational restructure efforts. Facilities Finance, Quality and Business Operations has Lean Six Sigma certified staff members with a variety of belt levels to include black, green and yellow belts.  To date, efforts have focused on current and future state mapping, business process metric analysis, value stream mapping, and standard operating procedure development. 

Process Improvement (PI) is defined as "the systematic examination and improvement of processes". It involves the business practice of identifying, analyzing and improving existing business processes to optimize performance, meet best practice standards or simply improve quality and the user experience for customers and end-users.

The objectives for Facilities Management are:

  • Effectiveness - Does the process produce the desired results and meet the department’s/customer's needs?
  • Efficiency - Does the process minimize the use of resources and eliminate waste?
  • Adaptability - Is the process flexible in the face of changing needs and times?
  • Alignment - Does the process align with the university’s strategic plan?

Process improvement is becoming a priority for Facilities Management as we tackle the challenges facing higher education. The team supports our institutional initiatives to achieve efficiencies, improve effectiveness, and increase service quality.

Departmental Information

Sherry Ceallaigh, Manager
Six Sigma Black Belt Certified