FMHR Learning and Development

In the ever-changing technical and operational world of facilities management, we strive to engage employees in learning and development opportunities that not only improve individual skill sets but are foundational to the department’s ability to meet customer needs. Whether it’s administrative growth, professional expertise, or safety awareness, the FMHR Learning and Development strives to support the notion of:

What if we train them and they leave?" vs. "What if we don’t and they stay?” 

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To submit training, please contact Hannah Miles.

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Learning & Development Opportunities

Professional Development: Continuous professional growth in key learning and development disciplines (i.e., soft skills training, career development, HR "basics," etc.) 

  • Administrative: Personal effectiveness and operational learning via webinars, computer-based training, systems training (Kronos, Banner, 49er Mart, etc.)

  • Leadership: Leadership of a team can be the difference between success and failure; it’s setting team goals and providing the motivation to meet those goals.

Technical/Functional: Ongoing development in the trades (electrical, HVAC, plumbing, grounds care, etc.)

Safety: Safety compliance training is a mutual partnership between FM and Environmental Health & Safety. 


For questions regarding FM Learning and Development, contact Hannah Miles.

For questions regarding safety and compliance training coordination, contact Alessandra Pastor.