Continuing to go Electric

April 14, 2023

Mullen Automotive, a Southern California-based automotive company, recently delivered seven Class 1 electric vehicle (EV) cargo vans to UNC Charlotte. These new EVs will be used for various purposes, including campus delivery and facility services.

“Charlotte is committed to helping create a more sustainable environment, including developing and implementing a comprehensive plan designed to reduce carbon emissions,” said T. J. Woods, the University's Transportation, Warehouse and Logistics Manager.

Charlotte has the largest electric vehicle fleet in the state, with more than 150 electric vehicles.

“Charlotte represents the first of many customers that have expressed interest in Mullen’s commercial product line-up,” said Brad Sigmon, manager of commercial sales at Randy Marion Automotive. “The lower total cost of ownership and reduced emissions of Mullen EVs will make switching to electric an easy purchase decision for many customers.”

Future deliveries of Mullen’s EV cargo vans are expected across the UNC System.