The Southeast Governmental Fleet Managers Award for Quality Fleet Management

October 27, 2022

Fleet Management was awarded the 2022 Quality Fleet Management Award for State Agencies by the Southeast Governmental Fleet Managers Association (SGFMA) on Oct. 19. This annual award “recognizes governmental agencies whose innovative fleet management practices have improved productivity, quality and service, or produced substantial savings for their agency or department.”

“There has certainly been a tremendous investment of time and energy into everything related to Fleet Management over the past couple of years — and this award is definitely well deserved,” said Steele. “From renovations to operational improvements to rebranding — and even tackling a fuel issue at the same time — the team has been focused on innovation and service excellence throughout this dynamic period. I appreciate all that you do to enhance the services offered to our University population!”

Other staff not pictured above, but who were recognized by the team are Brandon Bonds, Kathy Fisher and Vince McNeil in Fleet Management and Melanie Witherspoon in Finance. Congratulations to the Fleet Management team and other FM staff who support the team and their initiatives.

Left to right: Solomon T. Franklin, Landon Martin, Sonia Perez, Sheila James (SGFMA president), T.J. Woods, Jonathan Johnson, Chris Holley, Scott Clark (SGFMA board member) and Rich Steele.