Crosswalks and bike lanes striping project extended

May 26, 2022

Due to current weather conditions, James Seals & Stripes, Inc. will complete striping campus pedestrian crosswalks and bike lanes on Thursday, June 16

The remaining areas impacted as the truck completes striping will include:

  • Cameron Blvd. from Poplar Terrace to Union Deck 
  • Student Union Lane  
  • Cameron Blvd. at the University Rd. intersection 
  • Mary Alexander Rd. at Craver Rd.
  • Cameron Blvd. (starting at Craver Rd.) to Barnhardt Lane (West Deck)
  • Miltimore Hall area across from the light rail
  • Mary Alexander Rd. at Craver Rd.
  • Craver Rd. (on the UREC side and in front of the Student Union) 

Slower traffic with delays of up to 10 minutes is expected. Drivers should remain alert to flagmen to safely navigate going around the truck when necessary. 

The map below shows designated areas. For alternative routes, visit

Last updated: Tuesday, June 14, to reflect the completion date change.