FM uniforms to change in 2020

September 26, 2019

For approximately three years, discussions and plans were underway to change FM uniforms. With the arrival of new leadership and a list of changes in the pipeline there is no better time than now to enhance uniforms. The aim - a more cohesive and branded look.

Over the last two weeks, staff members in the Facilities Operations (FO) and Building Environmental Services and Recycling (BES&R) units have done fittings to ensure proper sizing and acquiring enough inventory for the spring 2020 rollout. When rolled out, supervisors will wear black (for indoor) or white (for outdoor) button-down or polo shirts with khaki pants. Technicians will wear green short or long sleeve shirts, khaki pants, and a jacket with a choice of fleece or dry-fit liners. The only exceptions are based on a combination of season and scope of work - options will include t-shirts and shorts for Recycling technicians, shorts for Grounds staff, and the Automotive team will wear black/gray two-tone grease resistant shirts and black pants.

Committee members working on this endeavor include Solomon T. Franklin, Kelly Freshcorn, Brian Guns, Kelly Herron, Jennifer Huffman, Sandy Mullins, Nkiru Obi, Lee Snodgrass, and Paul Taylor.

If anyone has not been fitted, contact Herron in FO or Huffman in BES&R to make arrangements as soon as possible.