Lizotte talks sustainability on 'Sustainable Nation' podcast

June 22, 2018

Mike Lizotte, University sustainability officer, was interviewed on the Sustainable Nation podcast about his work in making UNC Charlotte a sustainable environment.

During the podcast, Lizotte spoke about several sustainable efforts, but considers transportation his largest area of interest, especially with the light rail’s Blue Line Extension to campus.

“People seem to see transportation as a single choice, meaning they will only drive or only walk to wherever they are going.  [Sustainability officers] are trying to make people think about being multimodal in transportation. If today is a nice day to ride a bike, I will use the [Charlotte Wheels.] If it is a nice day for a walk, I’ll walk. If it’s raining, I will take the bus or light rail. The idea is to have people utilize more sustainable modes of transportation, when feasible.”

The Sustainable Nation podcast is hosted by the sustainability consulting firm, Sustridge. Josh Prigge the firm’s founder and CEO, conducted the interview.

Listen to the podcast on the player below, or by visiting the Sustridge website.