RecycleMania results and Earth Month participation shows improvement

April 30, 2018

Over the last three months, the campus community dedicated efforts toward the RecycleMania competition, from Feb. 4 through March 31, and Earth Month in April.  UNC Charlotte’s showing indicated improvement in sustainable practices across campus compared to previous years.

Initiating the three-month effort, the annual RecycleMania competition included more than 200 colleges and universities from across the nation. Upon completion, participants were ranked in various categories based on their submitted results.

April finalized the three-month effort in what has become known as Earth Month. More than 40 years ago, Earth Day was established to acknowledge and appreciate our fragile planet through sustainable practices and volunteer opportunities. Over time, this day evolved into a month of awareness.

During these months, the University hosted many events to help bring awareness and give the campus community an opportunity to volunteer. These events included collection drives, trash bin audits, tree planting activities, campus cleanup locations, public outreach opportunities in local schools, assembly of various kits and food donations.

Highlights from the campus community’s participation included:

  • The University placed in the top 15 percent in a RecycleMania category that evaluated the amount of waste produced per person. This means the campus community is increasingly mindful of consumption habits, eliminating the creation of trash and recyclables in the first place
  • The University ranked 10th in a RecycleMania category measuring the number of aluminum cans and bottles recycled
  • Halton Arena went from zero percent of waste diversion to more than 50 percent, kick starting the initiative of adding another zero waste facility on campus, alongside Jerry Richardson Stadium
  • More than 450 pounds of electronic waste (e-waste) was collected. Donated computers and cell phones are being refurbished and given to economically disadvantaged families
  • Over 50 pine and red maple trees were planted near Davis Pond
  • The campus cleanup participants collected nearly 500 pounds of waste from campus grounds
  • According to a public trash sort audit of bins around the Prospector Building and CHHS Plaza, 88 percent of waste was properly disposed of by the campus community

Campus leaders who coordinated these events were University community relations, sustainability office and recycling. They were pleased with the participation of the campus community in the various volunteer opportunities hosted. This year’s results will serve as a benchmark for future participation.