University's zero waste initiative expands to Halton Arena

January 25, 2018

The Zero Waste Program, a collaborative initiative between the Sustainability Office and Recycling, is expanding to include Halton Arena at three pilot basketball games. The first game was Jan. 11 and the remaining two games are Jan. 27 and Feb. 2.

At each game, fans can connect with staff and volunteers at an informational booth located near concessions. The booth will include an interactive game teaching diversion practices about recycling, composting and sending items to a landfill.

UNC Charlotte has focused on zero waste for several years. Since its inception, Jerry Richardson Stadium has been zero waste with great success in reducing landfill usage. UNC Charlotte’s goal is to achieve the same success with Halton Arena. 

“This past season [at Richardson Stadium], 80 percent of everything discarded at the games ended up being either composted or recycled,” stated Tyler Sytsma, University sustainability coordinator.

The expansion to include Halton Arena, a primary venue for collegiate sports and other events, aligns with the University’s affiliation in the Green Sports Alliance. This association includes nearly 500 sports teams and venues that are actively involved in zero waste initiatives and offers support to those within its alliance.

Sytsma added, “It is our hope that integrating zero waste in two venues on campus will increase our involvement with Green Sport Alliance, making it easier to expand this initiative to more campus locations in the future.”