Motor Fleet wins efficiency awards

January 22, 2018

UNC Charlotte’s Motor Fleet/Automotive team won the 2017 Green Fleet Award, placing 15th out of all applicants.

The Green Fleet Award recognizes outstanding motor fleets across North America. An estimated 38,000 fleets are eligible each year.

For award consideration, fleets must apply online. Applicants are, then, evaluated based on fleet composition, fuel and emissions, policy and planning, fleet utilization, education, executive and employee involvement and supporting programs.

The Motor Fleet team has applied for and won this award three consecutive years. They ranked 24th in 2015 and 36th in 2016. All three wins were under the supervision of Chris Facente, automotive supervisor.

UNC Charlotte’s Motor Fleet also made the 2017 list for the 100 Best Fleets in North America, an associated award. Since 2014, they have been recognized as Smart Fleet Champions, a title awarded by the NC Clean Energy Technology Center at North Carolina State University. They are also part of Plug-in NC, a program promoting North Carolina as an energy efficient state.

Following the leadership foundation established by Larry Lane and Steve Terry, Facente strives to continue to maintain an efficient motor fleet. One way he plans to continue forward, is by updating the fleet to newer vehicles in the upcoming years, therefore lowering the carbon footprint of the University.

“We strive to be the best fleet in North Carolina and even North America. It is hard competing against large municipalities that have greater resources and more diverse vehicles, but I am very proud of the work we do here on campus,” stated Facente.

Facente attributes this award to his hard-working team.