A routine clean, understanding the BES cleaning program

August 18, 2016

The Facilities Management Building Environmental Services and Recycling (BES&R) unit takes great pride in its responsibility to maintain the cleanliness of campus facilities.  Through its cleaning program, BES staff thoroughly clean offices/cubicles once per week. 

The weekly services, which are rendered on Wednesday evenings, include:

  • Vacuum floors; and
  • Dust and wipe down of furniture and other surface areas.

In preparation for weekly cleaning, everyone is asked to straighten up work areas before their departure.  In an effort to not disturb work areas, BES staff have been trained to only clean cleared surface areas.

Disposal of trash and recycling services are not included in the weekly cleaning program services.  Faculty and staff are required to take their office trash and recycling items to larger bins nearby, usually in common areas in close proximity to offices.

By engaging you in the process and detail cleaning, BES staff are able to provide a higher level of cleanliness throughout the entire building.  

As a “cleaning for health approach,” BES uses environmentally sustainable cleaning supplies and processes in all campus buildings. 

For additional information and assistance call 704-687-6177.