Automotive named among top fleets

May 25, 2016

When it comes to being recognized for excellence in the fleet industry, it is worthy to mention that UNC Charlotte is notably among the best. 

Facilities Management Automotive has been awarded an Honorable Mention designation as one of the top fleets in the Americas.  The highly-regarded award is an independent honor operated by 100 Best Fleets in the Americas™, an organization founded by Tom C. Johnson, as a part of its 100 Best Fleets Program.

“To me, you are unsung heroes … Your efforts are having an immediate and impressive effect on the economy,” wrote Johnson in the award letter.  “To put it in perspective, there are over 38,000 public fleets in North America alone; and thousands more in South America.” 

Johnson developed the program to recognize and award “peak-performing” fleet operations and increasing levels of performance improvements in the industry.

Automotive supervisor, Chris Facente, credits the automotive team for the “standout” recognition.  “This is our first time applying for the award and to receive honorable mention acknowledges the work our team does daily to provide quality fleet operations.”

The Automotive team’s standards toward excellence are a result of a knowledgeable and efficient team in collaboration with an unwavering level of support from management.  “Without a great level of managerial support, learning opportunities, and resources, these types of recognition wouldn’t be possible,” said Joey Cochran, grounds and automotive superintendent.  

The award was formally presented during this year’s Institute & Expo, an annual event presented by NAFA Fleet Management Association, held in Austin, Texas, in April.