New LEDs light the way

February 26, 2016

   If things seem a lot brighter, it’s due to the recent replacement of all street lights and most of the parking lot lights throughout campus.
   The Facilities Management replaced high-pressure sodium lights with LED light fixtures.  The new fixtures, manufactured in Hendersonville, NC, provide a reduction in energy consumption and a light output similar to natural light. 
   “There’s noticeably more light on the streets and the new lights allow for increased visibility and safety throughout campus,” says Tony Schallert, University energy manager.  “At today’s energy costs, each LED lighting fixture reduces energy and maintenance costs.”  During the next ten years, energy and maintenance cost savings will be an estimated total of $195 annually.
   The new lights are guaranteed for five years, but have a 20-year expectancy with little to no maintenance required.
   Student fees helped to fund this installation project.