FM 311

Your One-Stop-Shop
for all of Your FM Needs

FM is at Your Service!


FM 311 serves as the first point of contact and conduit for information between you, the customer, and the appropriate work unit in Facilities Management. 

Its primary mission is to ensure customers receive premier service. Whether this is through the processing of work requests in a prompt, concise manner, or speaking to the customer to resolve an issue or provide an update, FM 311 is at your service! As a single point of electronic entry, the FM 311 customer portal allows customers to enter requests for the following business functions:

  • Work Requests
  • Project Requests
  • Motor Fleet (Vehicle) Requests
  • Key (Access) Requests
  • Space Requests
  • Check the status of active requests

FM 311 consists of two functions: the FM 311 customer portal and the FM 311 customer service team. The team’s hours of operation are from 7:30 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. Monday through Friday. There are three ways to submit work requests:

  1. The new FM 311 customer portal or click on the corresponding link below.
  2. ARCHIBUS (login with NinerNET credentials)
  3. Call the FM 311 customer service team at 704-687-1311 (for emergency situations)
  4. Click here If you are a student resident and have a dorm request or need more information about HRL dorm maintenance

Additionally, the FM 311 customer service team will provide assistance with Facilities Notifications, event support requests, and emergency response issues.